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commandments 100 pearl street 1000 block 1000 block main street 1015 jackson street 1030 main street 106 madison street 109 jackson street 10th street 11 bridge street 1101 jackson street 1106 federal street 1115 federal street 1140 park avenue 117 madison street 11th street 11th virginia infantry regiment 1200 main street 12th 12th street 13th street 1423 main street 14th ctd 1620 monroe street 16th street 1700's 1787 jl 1800's 1803 1862 1844 1890 1850's 1855 court house 1860's 1867 1870 1867 1873 1870's 1880's 1890's 1892 city directory 1894 city directory 1899 city directory 1900 1933 1900's 1900's 1910's 1910 1925 1910 1930 1910's 1910s 1913 flood 1920 1930 1920 1940 1920's 1920. 1920s 1922 1924 1923 city marble tournament 1924 city marbles champion 1925 1935 1930 's 1930 1950 1930's 1930s 1935 1945 1936 flood 1940 1945 1940 1950 1940 miller park football team 1940's 1940's 1940 1940s 1941. 1943. 1945 basketball clinic 1945 boxing clinic 1945 lynchburg marble champ 1946 point of honor champion 1950''s 1950's 1950's dodge or desoto 1950's plymouth or dodge 1955 1956 plymouth 1955 chevrolet 1955 fire 1955 ford 1955 plymouth 1957 chevrolet 1957 or 1958 studebaker lark 1957 plymouth 1958 1959 ford thunderbird 1958 chevrolet 1958 ford 1959 chevrolet 1960 dodge 1960' s 1960's 1961 or 1962 ford 19611962 chevrolet 1962 1969 1965 1985 1965's 1970's 1979 whitemarsh valley gold classic 1980's 1980s 1990's 19th century 1a 1st. va regiment 2000's 201 and 203 federal street 2017.3.32 2017.3.33 205 madison street 20th century 2101 park avenue 2103 park avenue 23 1978 246th coast artillery 246th coast artillery band 246th coast guard 2nd buffalo 2nd virginia cavalry 305 washington street 307 washington street 3rd virginia 3rd yr 400 buena vista street 400 washington street 414 ninth street 42nd division aef 453 bomb group 45th reunion photo 474 mcivor street 4th street 500 block clay street 501 north 501n 504 jackson street 514 polk street 523 clay street 545 oakley avenue 5th street 605 clay street 609 federal street 612 fifth street 619 first street 6th 6th street 6th street bridge 7 uva players 700 block 701 clay street 707 clay street 717 madison 717 madison street 718 church street 7th 7th street 7th. 800 block 800 block church street 805 fifteenth street 812 english street 822 federal street 8th air force 8th street 900 block 901 main street 903 main street 909 main street 914 main street 9th 9th street 9th street bridge a. a. ricker a. a. rucker a. clyde miles a. constant photography a. f. a. s. white house a.c. platt photography a.f. biggers a.h plecker a.h. plecker a.h. robbins company a.p. craddock abe braddock abe cohen abermarle furnace abraham daniel warwick academic building academy academy of music accokeek furnace accokeek mine accordion achievement acitivies acitivities actiivities action newsletter activist activites activities activity actors ada palmer ada whitaker adam h. plecker adam plecker adams motor company adamsmonroe manufacturing company adding machine addison address adelle johnson administration adon allen yoder adon yoder adrienne wingfield adults advertisement advertisement brochure advertisement photo advertising manager aerial aerial photo aerial view aetna furnace no. 1 aetna furnace no. 2 african american african american girls african american. african american. smith collection african americans africanamericans afton agusta county air transport aircraft aircraft day airlines airplane airplanes airport aisle aka akers akron oh al fink alabama alanson winston albemarle furnace albert lankford albert lankford butler albert lankford drive album album lady albumen print alcohol alexander vandergrift alexandria alfred dickinson barksdale alfred morton alice alice kathleen burnette alice mabry alice ryland alice underwood alleghany alleghany avenue alleghany county alleghany furnace alleghany mountains allen morrison sign company allen thornhill allenmorrison allie flanagin allied arts building allsen alma smith almond dry goods alpha kappa alpha alpha phi alpha altar altavista altavista va alternative alumnae alumnae association alumni association alvin cash amanda williams bryant amazement square ambrose h. burroughs house ambrotype ambulance train ambulance wagons ambulances amelia pride amelia pride building american american airlines american american american flag american flyer american news company american red cross american red cross canteen american red cross canteen building american red cross canteen service center american revolution amf bowling amherst amherst bridge amherst country amherst county amherst furnace amherst heights amity bridge club amphibian anderson photography andy's restaurant angel angie morgan angle anheuserbusch animal animal figure animal trainers animals ann ann craddock ann e. white ann elizabeth williams ann payne ann scott anna whitaker yoder anne fazzi anne morrison anne spencer anne wesley annex annexation annie estes row anniston anniversary announcement announcing annual christmas broadcast annual report antiques ap apartment house apartments appalachian power company appalachian trail apple orchard apple picking apples appomattox appomattox county approved civil aeronautics april 16 1946 april 1913 april 1947 april 1959 april 1960 april 1961 april 1962 april 1963 april 3 april 3 1953 apron aqueduct arab arc arc flag arcadia furnace arch arched archer archie maynard campbell archery archie bailey area arlington arlington hotel arlington place armadillo armed forces football armed forces sign armistead r. long house armory armstrong armstrong elementary armstrong elementary school armstrong school army army air corps army captain army officer army transportation corps army uniform armynavy armynavy e flag arneatha jones arnold arrangement arrangment arrow art art class art nitewear art rooney art space arthur heald artie johnson artificial artillery artist artists arts asbury church ash lawn ashby watts assembly line assistant city manager athens atherholt road athletes athletic area athletic club athletic equipment attempting attorney aubrey aubrey ellis strode aubrey spence audience auditorium aug 23 1951 aug 29 1950 aug. 11 1953 aug. 3 1953 august 17 1953 august 1931 august 1958 august 23 1951 august 27 august 3 1953 augusta county aunt nancy australia furnace author auto auto mechanics autographed automobile automobiles automotive avenge pearl harbor avenue avery avery wagon bed aviary aviation aw building award award ceremony awards awards ceremony axle axles b. b. hatcher b. c. baldwin b. wingfield b.b. shuler b.f. avery b.f. avey b.f. goodrich silvertown tires b.g. watkins b.w. wells drug store b17 bomber b24 bomber babcock and wilcox babcock and wiley babcock and wilson babcock wilcox babcock wilson baber babies baby baby carriage back of photo back porch backfield coach backstop backyard badminton baggage bailey pleasants company bailey spencer hardware bailey spencer hardware company bailey wagon company bakery baldwin's department store baldwin's department stores ball ball field ballard ballerina ballet balloon balloons balloons. baltimore baluster balustrade band bandage bandages bandstand bangs bank bank of the james bank of the james building banker banking room banks banner banquet banquet tables baptist baptist church bar barb wire barbara graham barber shop barefoot barker jennings hardware barkerjennings hardware barn barr brothers inc. barracks barrel barren springs furnace barrett bars bas relief base base camp base drum baseball baseball field baseball field lights baseball fields baseball game baseball lot baseball player baseball team basket basketball basketball court basketball team baskets bass bat bateau bateman bridge road bath house bathing bathing cap bathing costume bathing suit bathing suits bats battery battle of lynchburg battlefield baughan brothers shoes and hats beach beads bear bear garden furnace beard bearded beards beasley shoe company beauticians' club beauty shop bed time bedford bedford avenue bedford county bedford county school bedford hills bedford hills elementary school bedford virginia bees bell bell studio bell tower ben jones ben scott bench benefactor benjamin t. hunter bent creek bernice bernice akers bertha guggenheimer bertie keyser bessie beard best friends best wishes bethea owen bethune center bethune nursery bethune nursery school betsy giles betsy kirkpatrick betty davis betty dewitt beverly burch beverly furnace bf avery and sons bible way church bicycle bicycle day bicycle event bicycles big field big island bigbee townhouses biggers biggers school bike bike rack bill cook bill dudey bill dudley bill dudley day bill gordon bill gresham bill hubbard bill jim glass bill johnson bill kitusky billboard billboards billy billy cotter billy craft auto billy giles billy hill billy jones billy watts bingo birch street bird bird dog bird house bird houses birdhouse birds birthday bishop smallwood williams black water black water creek black water creek trail blackboard blackford blackstone blackwater blackwater creek blackwater creek at hollins mill road blackwater creek at hollins mill road i blackwater creek at hollins mill road ii blackwater creek culvert blackwater creek culvert construction blackwater creek culvert i blackwater creek natural area sign blackwater creek park area at hollins mill road blackwater creek trail blackwater creek trail bridge construction blackwater creek trail bridge construction ii blackwater creek trail footpath blackwater creek trail footpath i blackwater creek trail footpath iv blackwater creek trail marker blackwater mill blair laboratories blanket blanket rolls bleachers blind bloodhound bloodhounds bloom blue buckle blue buckles blue ridge blue ridge farms blue ridge mountains blue ridge parkway blum's board board of directors boat boats bob and jean's bob and jeans's cafe bob collins bob lamar bob remmey bob tucker bobby ray harvey bodice body boiler boiler room bomb shelter bombardier bomber bonfire bonnet bonnets bonsack cigarette machine book book manufacturer book shop booker's independent warehouse booklet books bookshelf bookshelves boom furnace boonsboro boonsboro drug inc. boonsboro road booth boots boring holes boston avenue botanical walk botetourt botetourt county bottled in lynchburg bounty bouquet bouquet toss bouquets bourke boutique boutonniere bow bow tie bowen bowen jewelry bowen jewelry company inc. bowen stables bowen's bowen's optical and jewelry store box boxcar boxing boxing bouts boxing clinic boxing ring boxwood hedge boy boy at rivermont boy's boy's basketball boyce boyd's bakery and confectionery boys boys at rivermont boys champion boys club boys football team boys girls club boys league boys soccer boys week celebration bpoe bragassa toy store bragassa's toy shop bragassa's toy store braid braids branch library brand snavely brandt bransford vawter brant brassieres break breakfast breckenridge drive breeds briana nicole smith briana smith brick brick arches brick archway brick building brick house brick wall brick water tower bridal bridal consultant bridal dress bridal party bride bridesmaids bridge bridge on the blackwater creek trail bridge on the blackwater creek trail i bridge street bridges bridges' d street bridge brig gen. john mccausland brig. gen. alfred nattie duffie brig. gen. cullen andrews battle brig. gen. john c. vaughn brig. gen. john echols brigadier general george smith brightwell's mill brill electric trolley brille bristol bristol furnace bristol iron works bristol ironworks bristol ironworks furnace broach broad jump broad street brochure brodeck co. photographers bronze beauties bronze bust bronze star medal brookneal brooks brother brown hill furnace browns radio service brownsville bruce jefferson bruton langley brvt. maj. gen. william woods buchanan street buck's branch bucket buckeye gun company bucko kilroy bud wooldridge buddies club buddy crawford. buddy houston buena vista buena vista furnace buena vista furnace no. 2 buena vista street buffalo bill buffalo bill comes to lynchburg buffalo gap furnace buffalo gap furnaces buffet buffet table buffet tables buggies buggy bugs burnette building building materials building supports buildings built 1810 built 1816 built 1818 built 1827 built 1845 built 1849 to 1857 built 1859 built 1878 built 1884 built 1902 built before 1844 built c. 1816 built c. 1880 buisnesses bulldozer bulldozers bundles burn burris department store burton bus buses bush bushes business business supplies businesses businesses man businesses. thornhill businessman bussinesses bust bust length butler butterfly butterfly net button byron whizzer white c c 45 c and o c. 1855 c. and c.h. hardy c. and c.h. hardy furniture c. b. fuqua c. e. tomlinson c. h. plunket c. l. holt c. m. daniel c. m. watts house c. r. butler c.b. fleet c.b. fleet building c.b. fleet company c.e. johnston c.h. almond c.h. almond dry goods co. c.h. almond dry goods company c.h. crews c.l. snidow c.m. guggenheimer c.p wimbush c.s. hutter c.s.a. 38th battalion c.w. scott house c.w. seay ca.1917 and 1918 cabelearly house cabell cabell early house cabell street cabell street bridge caboose cadet cadets cadillac cafe cafeteria cafeteria workers cage cages cake calahan and company calcite caledonia caledonia furnace calisthenics callie furnace callie jackson calliope calvin beverly calvin falwell camden new jersey camm family camp camp alger camp davis camp mcclellan camp pickett camp tol em camp tolem campaign campaign pamphlet campaign trail campbell campbell avenue campbell co. studios campbell county campbell county school campbell insurance campbell photography campfire campsite campus can't i pose canada furnace canal canal bridge canal street candle candlelight concert candler's mountain candler's mountain road candlers mountain candles candlesticks cane cangle cannon canoe canteen canteen center canton ohio cap cap and gown capitol capron capt. william norvell capt. withers captain captain alexander murrell captain basil g. costas captain costas captain irwin captain james a. wilkinson captain james e. canada captain murrell alexander captain robert barnes ware captian murrell alexander car car dealership carbon studio cards cardwell conference cargo cargo ship caricature carl carl b. hutcherson carl b. hutcherson school carl pinn carnation carnations carnegie hall carnegie hall dormitory carol carol corchoff carol erwin carol sublett carol wingfield carolers carolina steel caroline anthony yancey caroline furnace caroline langhorne caroline street carpet bag administration carran furnace carriage carriage house carriage house b. b. carriage step carrie harper carrington house carrington retirement home carroll carroll hotel carroll jamerson carron furnace carrot tree restaurant carrying cars cart carter glass carter glass bridge carter glass iii carter glass iv carter glass jr. carter glass memorial bridge carts cary nicholas casa ricardo casa ricardo hotel cascade case cash register casino casket casper d. witt cast cast iron pipe casting castle casual couple cat catawba creek catawba furnace catcher caterine furnace catherine furnace catherine mundy catherine terrell bell catholic catoctin cats cavalry cave hill furnace cavern cdv cecil k. cress cecile guggenheimer cedar run furnace celebration celebrations cell block cellar cemeteries cemetery centenary centenary methodist centenary methodist church centenary methodist church education building centenary united methodist church centennial celebration centennial park center dormer window center field centra central airport central fidelity bank central high school central plant century ceramic ceremony certificate certificates cesina crash 1957 cessna 120 chain link net chair chairman chalkboard chamber of commerce champ champagne champion champions champions midget league championship championship match champs chancellorsville chancelor chandelier chap hans chap stick chapel chapstick charles charles burks charles craddock charles e. burg charles e. burks charles gillette charles h. anderson charles h. beasley house charles hardy charles j. wright photography charles m. guggenheimer jr. charles macleod charles millner watts charles p. latham charles rice slaughter charles simmons charles tucker charlie charlie b. charlie choo choo justice charlie justice charlotte charlotte stafford charlottesville chas. e. burg chas. e. burg florist chas. kinnier chas. lovell chas. o. swadley cheatham's big c cheatham's clothing store checkers cheeks chesapeake chesapeake and ohio chesapeake and ohio railroad chesapeake and potomac telephone company of virginia chesterfield county chestnut creek furnace chestnut hill chestnut hill methodist chevrolet chevrolets chicken chickens chief chief gilliam chief irwin child child labor child labor. child sized wagon children children at the giggenheimer milliken playground children jaycees children playing children talking children's band children's hour children's hour broadcasts children. china chinese costume choir choir loft choker christ church christening christian science church christmas christmas card christmas carols christmas celebration christmas display christmas lights christmas parade christmas party christmas play christmas season christmas tree christmas trees christopher valentine winfree house christopher winfree chuck church church choir church choirs singing church clothes church of god of prophecy church service church street churches cid cigar cigarette machine cigarettes cigars cincinnati suspension bridge cinder block cinder blocks circle circuit court circuit court house circus cities service city city armory city bus city cemetery city champion city council city farm city hall city hall annex city hall. city home city incinerator city jail city league city league team city manager city manager morrison city marble champion city marble tournament city market city midget league team city of lynchburg city park city playground city playgrounds city point city reservoir city school system city service station city stables city stadium city tennis tournament city water department city wide city wide marble tournament citywide citywide marble tournament citywide tennis tournament civic leaders civil rights civil war civilian band clapboard house clara seay clarence bertolet clarissa moultrie class class a class j passenger locomotive class of 1945 class of 1946 classroom classroom. education clay clay henderson clay street clay street reservoir cleats cleland company clemson clifton furnace climbing clinic clinton clinton dewitt clock close up close up view cloth sails clothing company cloverdale cloverdale furnace clown club club meeting clunette clunette pettyjohn clyde jennings clyde miles clyde paris co co steam locomotive co. 118 coach coach art guepe coach baugh coach harry waters coach jimmy bryan coach jimmy fox coach vince bradford coal coal shed coast artillery coat coat hanger coats cobblestone coca cola cocacola cockpit codelia coffee cups coke sheffey col. alonzo wood col. burnett col. stanley martin cold cole wedding cole wedding anniversary collages. collage collar college college campus college gate inn college hill college hill baptist church college hill boys league college hill boys team college hill junior league college hill juniors college hill reservoir college lake college park college pharmacy college training detachment collins photography colonel charles ellet jr. colonel edley craighill colonial court colonial williamsburg colony comments color photo colored baseball league colored boys columbia columbia avenue columbia furnace column columns comic book commander commander of the ram fleet commemorative portrait commencement commerce commerce street commercial photographers commissioner of revenue committee meeting commodpre degroote commonwealth's attorney community center community christmas tree community cleaners community dramatic league community funeral home community house community market company company a. second virginia cavalry company e company l competition composite photograph concession stand concessions tent concord concord turnpike concordia glee club concrete beach condos confederacy confederate confederate army confederate flag confederate monument confederate section confederate soldier confederate soldiers monument conference center congratulations congregation congress conley connecticut console consolidated shoe consolidated textiles cotton mill construction contest control tower convair cv240 convalescent home conveyor convoy cook stove cooking cooking class cooler cooperative building and loan association coordinator copeland cordelia corn corn crop corn mill corn stalk cornelia walton brown corner corporal costume costumes cot cotton cotton mill couch country country club countryside couple couples coursage court court house court house steps court of hustings for lynchburg court street court street baptist church court street houses court street lynchburg court street methodist court street methodist church court street united methodist church courthouse courtland apts. courts covered bridge covered walkway covington furnace cow cowboy cowboy hat coxswain crabbing craddock craddock and terry craddock and terry shoe company craddock and terry shoe factory craddock terry craddock terry baseball team craddock terry co opperative association craddock terry shoe company craddock terry shoe corporation craddock terry shoe factory craddockterry craddockterry hotel craddockterry shoe corporation craddockterry tricounty league team craddockterry warehouse 2 cradock and terry shoe company craft show crafts craighill craighill house crane cranehill drive creed taylor creek cronin barksdale cropped crops croquet crosley car cross cross keys tavern crowe house crown crown sterling restaurant crozier crozier furnace crozier furnaces crutchfield laundry and dye inc. crystal cafe csx ct cueball culvert culvert construction cumberland gap furnace cunningham's hat shop curbing curls curly curly hair curtain curtain. curtains cushion cuts cutters cutting cutting room cvcc parking cvs cynthia callands d street d street bridge d street foot bridge d.b. ryland jewelry d.c. d.c. maxwell photography d.c. walker image d.h. anderson photography dabney scott adams house daguerreotype dahlia daily advance dairies dam dam on blackwater creek damage dance dancing dandridge drive daniel a. grimsley daniel allen wilson daniel's hill daniel's island daniels hill danville dark dark dress darling shop daughter daughters daughters of the american revolution daughters of the confederacy dave phillips david e. spence david garrick players david hunter david hunter strother david moore david payne turner davidson davis family davis paints dawson smith day in the park dc dday dealer license plate dean nathan allen patillo dearington dearington elementary school dearington housing complex dearington landfill dearington playground death dec 2 1953 dec 28 1953 dec. 14 1951 dec. 18 1948 december december 26th 1951 deck decorate decorated decorated car decorations dedication ceremony deer defenses del. campbell delegate robert watts delegates delphia slaughter delta star deltaville deluxe cleaners demolished demolished 1966 demolition dental snuff company dentist dentist chair dentists denver department department of civic enrichment department of forestry department of parks and recreation department store deposits depot dept derbin derby hat desk desks desmon desmond desmond home detention detroit lions detroit michigan dewey a. jessee diamond diamond hill diamond hill baptist diamond hill baptist church diamond hill city league football team diamond ice co. diamond ice company diamond pins diary queen dick howell dick lavinder dick mccann dickie byrd died digging diggs dingee dingee weinman and coompany dining room dining table dinner dinner bell dinner celebration diorama diploma director director of public works director's staff directors dirt dirt air strip dirt road dirt street discoloration discolored dismantled 1895 display display manager display window displays disposal distant view distinguished salesman of the year diuguid diuguid funeral home diuguid funeral service diuguid's funeral home diuguid's funeral service diver diving board diving platform dmv do not kiss doc jennings dock doctor doctor robert barnes ware doctor robert wesley doctors dodge dog dog champion dog show dog shows dogs dogwood trees doll doll day dolls dolores waters dome don don burnette don davis don giles don markham don p. halsey don pendleton don schley donald austin donkey donnie scott door doors doorway dora furnace dorm dormitory dornin and waldron dorothy campbell dot patterson doublerail track doug macleod doug macleod. doug shrader dough boy dough boy statue doughboy doughboy statue downtime downtown downtown lynchburg downtown mall downtown parade dowtown doyle's florist dr h.p. weeden dr. dr. a.e. craighill dr. c. whitmore dr. charles frankle dr. clarissa wimbush carey dr. dillard's house dr. edley craighill dr. edward murrell house dr. h.g.busey dr. h.p. weeden dr. harry reid dr. j. fred young dr. johnson dr. josephus hopwood dr. leon braswell dr. lewis dr. lewis' home dr. merlyn stephens dr. p. g. hundley dr. p. g. hundlley dr. r. walter johnson dr. r.c. wesley dr. robert barnes ware dr. robert c. wesley dr. robert enoch withers dr. robert spotswood payne dr. sutherland dr. w. h. dulaney dr. walter johnson dr. weeden dr. william a. strother dr. william w. smith dr.. westmoreland dr.edward murrell house dr.harrison slaughter dr.henry maue draftees drama drama league presentation dramatic club camp dramatic club play drape drawing drawings dreaming creek road dress dress pattern dress up day dresses drill drilled wagon wheel hubs drink drinkard health center drinking drinking fountain drive drop tongue front gear drop tongue style front gear drop tongue wagon gear dru drug drug store druggist druggists and drugstores drugstore drumheller ducks dudley hall dugout dump dunbar dunbar drive dunbar high school dunbar high school marching band dunbar junior high school dunbar landfill dunbar middle school dunbar south dunbar south building dunbar yearbook dunlop tries duplex dupont dutch dutch girls duval woodford duval woodfort dyeing e. c. glass e. c. glass high school tennis i e. c. ivey e. lee trinkle e. w. fisher house e. w. saunders e. williams house e.c glass high school e.c. glass e.c. glass high school high high school hs eac eagle eagle eyrie eagle furnace earl clay earl johnson earl washington earl's cafe earle parrish earls cafe early 1900's early 1950's plymouth or dodge early home early learning center early street earring earrings earthwork easley east east building easter easter basket easter bonnet easter bonnet contest easter bonnets easter bonnett easter egg hunt easter eggs eastern shore eastern star eating eating contest ec glass ec glass high school ed carson ed emerson ed haley ed keiley ed raine ed white eddie beck eddie bryant eddie miller edgar shannon edgewood edgewood avenue edith black edith whiting edith wilson editor edley edley nicholas edley stone edmund edna scott education educator educators eduction edward a. cleland edward a. raine edward bennett williams edward beyer edward brown smith edward christian glass edward king edward m. taylor edward robertson edward s. brown house edward sanford gregory edward schaefer house edward t. kirkeby edwards house edwards photography edwards studio edwin b. horner egg hunt eight street baptist church eighth eighth street eighth street baptist eighth street baptist church eighth street church eighth strteet elderly elderly ladies elderly lady eldon street eleanor election electric guitar electrical substation elementary elementary school elephant eleventh eleventh street elijah matthews elington elizabeth elizabeth early learning center elizabeth furnace elizabeth giles elizabeth hutter elizabeth jarrette elizabeth kizer elementary elizabeth langhorne lewis elizabeth lewis otey elizabeth otey watson elizabeth ryland elizabeth wiley elk's home elk's lodge elkam metals elks elks lodge ella cary ambler ellen atwill dulaney ellen atwill turner ellen humphries ellington ellis studio elmwood avenue elon elroy hirsh elsie blankenship elvira williams seay embalming kit emblem emerson emily jackson emma hurt emma johnson emmert hamilton emmet kidd emmett smith emmie n. spencer emmitsburg emory emory henry college emory s. land emory va employee employee lunchroom employee reading room employees encampment enclosure engine english english street entanglements entertaiment entertainment entrance eonvel lewis epiphany epiphany chapel episcopal episcopal church equal suffrage league equipment ernest scott ernest w. mosby ernest williams ernie gowin esso esso gas station estelle ethel plunkett ethel wilson etna furnace etna furnace dam euclid avenue eugene camm eugene wingfield eunice evelyn jennings evelyn mclean evelyn stevens evelyn woodruff evening everett fauber evergreen evergreen tree excavation executive executive director nfl hall of fame executive mansion exercies exercises exhibit exit exit 9 experimental aircraft expressway exterior f m bank f street f. burge f. read hopkins pediatric center f.w. woolworth co. facade face painted facilities factories factory factory personals faculty fair fair grounds fairfield fairgrounds fairs fairview avenue fairview heights fairview school fairview united methodist church fall fall 1976 falling creek falwell well corporation family family dollar family dollar store fancy dress fannie fans farm basket farmer's market farmer's warehouse farmhouse farming farmville farmville va farwell fashion fashion show father father francis bambrick father henry hammond father judge father of soccer in lynchburg father son supper fathers day faulkner and craighill fauna fauquier street feather featherston feb. 14th february february 11 1997 february 1958 february 1965 february 1966 february 21 february 23 february 23 1950 february 25 february 25 1971 february 29 february 29 1976 february 7 february 7 1970 federal federal building federal court house federal district court federal hill federal period federal period home federal street feed fellowship hall femal female female workers fence fenced fencing fenwick drive fern ferns ferrell ferrol furnace festival fidelity fidelity bank fidelity bank building fidelity national bank field field hockey field workers fields fifth fifth street fifth street baptist fifth street baptist church fifth street church fifth street viaduct figures figurines fillmore street film film strips filmstrip projector final bouts final round finals financial fine arts fine arts center finished stock room fink deck truss bridge fiora withers fire fire arms fire department fire department engine co. 3 fire prevention week parade fire station fire truck fire trucks fireman's fountain fireman's parade firemen firemen's calisthenics firemen's checker tournament firemen's checkers champ fireplace first aid first aid tent first and merchants national bank first baptist first baptist church first basketball champions first buffalo baptist first buffalo baptist church first christian church first city football league kickoff first colony insurance company first colony life insurance first farm show first floor first friday first house first judge first menthodist church first methodist first methodist church first military district first national bank first playground first presbyterian first presbyterian church first round first virginia camp first virginia infantry first winning soccer team fisher fisher flyers basketball team fishing fishing poles five flag flags fleet products fleming burk flight flight crew flippin bruce and porter float floats flood flood 1936 flood of 1985 flood of 9185 flooding floods flora floral floral covered car floral offerings floral parade florence b. yoder florence lee florence mount florida avenue florist flour flour and feed flower flower arrangement flower pot flowerbeds flowered dress flowering flowers flowstone floyd floyd knight floyd mckenna floyd school floyd street flying foliage food food baskets food will win foot bridge foot race football football field football locker room football stars football team footballs footbridge footpath forbes hickson force ford ford house ford thunderbird forest hill forest hill burial park forest hills forest hills circle forest hills school forest level forest level church forest road united methodist church forest street forestry forestry department forgetmenots formal dress formal dresses fort fort ave fort avene fort avenue fort brown fort defiance fort early fort early building fort early clubhouse fort early theater fort hill fort hill betty anne ramsey fort hill city league football team fort hill community fort hill community school fort hill fire department fort hill glee club fort hill library fort hill plant fort hill playground fort hill woman's club foster falls furnace foster studio foundation foundations founder foundry fountain fountain hotel fountain motel four men fourteenth street fourth fourth of july fourth street frame frame structures frames framework fran tarkenton france frances hardy frances simmons frances virginia simmons francine evans pinn francine pinn frank bragassa frank carrington frank collier frank hubbard frank hughes frank j. hill frank maosn fleming frank mason fleming frank moore frank p. christian frank roane frank roane apartments frank roane elementary frank roane school frankford memorial stadium franklin county franlkin county fraternity fraternity house fred fred berry fred dudley fred dudley studios fred harper fred j. betts fred morrison fred thomas fred young frederick county fredericksville fredericksville furnace fredonia avenue freedman's spelling book freedmen school freedom shrine freemasons freight french french flag friend friend's restaurant friend's tobacco warehouse friend's warehouse friendly motor sales friends fringe frog front axle front axle gear front gear front gears front lawn front of house front porch front view frozen ft. early full length fullers earth deposit fulton street fun funeral funeral home funeral supplies fur fur coat fur muff furnace furnace site furnaces furniture furniture maker furniture store future farmer's of america future farmer's of america exhibit future site fuzzy g. g.a. coleman g.a. coleman and co. g.a.coleman g.a.coleman and company g.c. mcgehee g.c.murphy galt galt's mill galvanized bucket galvanized tub game games gamma iota omega garage garbage garden gardenia gardening gardens garfield garfield avenue gargoyles garland garland bud wooldridge garland hill garland hill juniors garland rhodes school garland rodes garland rodes camp garland rodes school garland wooldridge garlands gary white gas works gate gate house gateway gauley bridge gauley river gauze gavel gay ninties club gazebo ge company gear gem furnace gen. albert sidney johnston gen. armistead lindsay long gen. arnold elzey jones gen. francis reddin t. nichols gen. gavriel c. wharton gen. john daniel imboden gen. john echols csa gen. robert e. rodes gen. robert emmett rodes gene autrey gene campbell genealogy general general alexander a. vandergrift general david hunter general district court general electric general electric company general garland general grant general hospital general hunter general john elliot general jubal a. early general jubal early general lee general robert e. lee general rodes general store general vandegrift generals geneva gentlelman gentleman gentleman justice gentlemen gentlleman genworth george a. diuguid george bellows george chapman george d. davis' sons hardware george d. davis's sons hardware george d. witt george d. witt building george d. witt shoe company george f. lucado house george flippin george gary george h. reed george headly george langhorne george lupton george lupton jr. george m. jones george m. jones house george m. lupton jr. george munro george p. watkins house george peters george reed george shackleford george snead george springer george ware george washington george washington estes row george washington masonic memorial george wilkinson georgian revival gerard hutcherson geridine giles germany gertie fox gettysburg gibson hobbs gift gift shop gifts giles county giles family gilmers dry goods girl girl scout troop girl scouts girl's girl's basketball girl's basketball 1922 1924 girl's basketball champs girl's city league basketball girl's croquet tournament girls girls basketball girls basketball 1922 1924 girls basketball league girls playing gis gish glam glamorgan glamorgan foundry glamorgan foundry history glamorgan foundry. glamorgan pipe and foundry glamorgan pipe foundry glamorgan works glass glass avenue glass field glass high glass high school glass house glasses glee club glen ferris plant glen more gleneagles glenmore m. turner glenn daniel glenn trent glenwood furnace globe glove gloves gm boys' league team goats gold bond stamp redemption store golden egg goldfish goldie's beauty shop golf golf carts golf tournament gooch county good earth good sheperd church goodwill club gordon gordon akers gordon hemmings gorham b. walker gorilla gorman goshen goshen pass governor governor battle governor godwin governor mills godwin governor of virginia governor stanley governor thomas b. stanley governor's mansion gown grace a. morris grace aileen ridgeway grace furnace grace g. duigiud grace lodge grace mae morris grace may tanner grace memorial church grace miller grace street grace white gracie grading graduate graduates graduation graffiti graham graham furnace grand grand daughter grand furnishings grand furniture grand opening grand piano grand piano and furniture company grandchild grandchildren grandfather grandmother grandparent grandparents grandson grandstand grandstands granite grape vines grass grave grave marker grave site graves mill road gravesite gray hall grayson street greater lynchburg transit company greece greek greek architecture greek orthodox church green fields green house greenhouse greensboro nc greenstone greenway greenway court gregory scott grey eagle furnace greyhound employees griffin foundry griffin pipe griffin pipe foundry griffith stadium grocery store groom groomed grounds groundskeeper group group at ruskin freer nature reserve group at ruskin freer nature reserve ii group photo groups grove street grow guest guggenheimer guggenheimer department store guggenheimer hospital guggenheimer milliken guggenheimer milliken boys team guggenheimer milliken girl scout group guggenheimer milliken girl scout troop guggenheimer milliken midgets guggenheimer milliken playground guggenheimer play center guggenheimer playground guggenheimer thelma ragland guggenheimer's deparment store guggenheimer's department store guggenheimer's department stores guggenheimermillican playground guggenheimermilliken guggenheimermilliken playground guidance counselor guitar guitars gulf gun gun club guns gunsmith gus smith gus t. smith gus t.smith gustavus adolphus wingfield gutekunst photography gutted building gutted buildings gwen reams gym gymnasium h. t. heller h.j. brandt h.l. curlee h.p. weeden hair hal craddock haley's antique postcards halifax county halifax street hall hall campus center hall of fame hall of fame weekend hallie hallie a. desmond hallie cheatwood hallie desmond halloween halloween float halloween queen halloween street festival halsey halsey terrace halton morris hampton institute hanah hancock tobacco hancock tobacco company handcock tobacco handcuffs handicraft handicrafts handkerchief hands handwritten note handwritten phrase hangar hangar 2 hannah hanover street happy happy billy's happy howard lee happyland lake harbor defense hardee's restaurant harding street hardware hardware store hardy chair harewood hospital harkening hill harmonica club harmonicas harold hubbard harris harris creek harris woodson candy products harris woodson company harrision harrison harrison street harrison streets harrison theater harriss harry day jr harry ferguson harry isbell harry reid harry s. ferguson harvard street harvest harvey harvey johnson harvey street harvey's motel hat hatcher hats hauling hawkins appliance hazel royal hazelle boulware head start headband headquarters headstone heald heald bark co. heald's bark mills health health care health club health department hearing aid hearse heart hebrew athletic club hector strong height helen helen blair helen h. lovell helen hannah helen pesci wood helen rhodes hannah helen urquhart helen wagers helen wood helicopter helmet hennie cheatwood henriella furnace henrietta barker henry county henry desmond henry e. mcwane jr. henry edward mcwane henry edwards henry harrison lewis house henry james brown henry mcwane henry sackett henry silverthorn herald division mead corporation herald division meade corporation herbert cunningham herbert h. harris herbert hubert watts herbert walker herbert watts heritage elementary school herman calhoun hermine tannie hermione smith herons hettie row williams hi y club high high apartments high bridge high diver high jump high jumper high school high street high times high topped shoes highchair highway highway safety conference hiking hiking club hilda hilda wagers hill city hill city bigboy hill city boat club hill city studio hill city vending hill street hill's studio hillcrest hills plaza hillside hinnant smith architects hispanic historic park historical marker history history teacher hjallie holding and edwards photography holding edwards holding edwards photography holding football hole holiday holiday inn holiday ornaments hollins hollins mill hollins mill bridge hollins mill dam hollins mill dam at blackwater creek hollins mill road holmes hurt holy cross holy cross academy holy cross academy junior league holy cross boy's holy cross catholic church holy cross cemetery holy cross church holy cross high school holy cross juniors hom home home guard home gurad home office home plate homem homemade homer richardson homestead homestead studio hood morgan hoop skirt hope diamond hopwood hopwood hall horace jones and mamie henely horn horner family horse horse and buggy horse drawn streetcar horse figure horses horseshoe contest horseshoes hortense braswell hose house hose tower hosiery mill hospital hospitals hot air ballon hot dog roast hot dogs hotel hotel caroll hotel carroll house house chambers house mothers house of delegates house of delegates chamber house of portraits house rock wheel club houses housing houston houston oilers hoyle halsey house hubbard machine works hubert hubs hudson hudson cars hugh morton hughes buggy company human kind humane society humbles hall hundley hall hunt club hunter hunter m. marshall hunter m. paris hunter's raid hunting hunton branch ymca hurdle hill road huron huron avenue huron street hurricane camille husband husband calling adult play day husband calling contest hut huts i fleming i parrish i pat i pete i. paul wailes ice ida identification badges ihannah images imiage inauguration incinerator independent a.c. juniors indian point indiana fletcher williams industrial arts industrial cooler industry infant infantry ink inner tube insignia inspection instruction instrument instruments insurance inter playground interior interior view international bridge international van interplayground intersection investment consultants invitation irene russell iris iris collins iron framework iron front iron furnace iron gate iron worker iron works irondale furnace ironworks irwin isbell bowman isiah ballou isis theater island yard italianate porch ithaca j. g. phillips j. h. anderson j. hickson jr. co j. j. morrison j. o. watts j. w. west house j.a. shelton j.j. van ness photography j.p. bell j.p. bell and company j.p. bell company j.p.bell company j.s. dudley j.w. harper jack caskie jacket jackson street jackson street church jackson street methodist church jackson street united methodist church jacksonville jacob yoder jail james james c. deddens james d. wright james river james river and kanawha canal james river bridge james river canal james river flood james river flood of 1985 james t. williams james taylor james tompkins williams james wright jane klein jane lang janet snead janet snead school janet w. snead january 11 1966 january 22 1970 january 23 1965 jean baldwin jean bryant jean butler jean shaner lee jefferson jefferson park jefferson plant jefferson street jehu williams jellis kirkpatrick jersey jersey 35 jerseys jesse jesse h. whitehurst jessee jessie davidson jessie hopkins jimmie kyle jimmy bryan jobbers overall company joel yancey john baber john bullock john james john lankford john lynch john lynch memorial bridge john p. hughes motor company john stuart walker john victor john w wyatt john w wyatt school john warwick daniel john wyatt school jones library jones memorial library joseph bragassa joseph nichols tavern jp bell jp bell studios jr. juan farrow jubal early judge judith taylor julia julia shackelford july 1963 july 4th july 8 jump rope jumping jumping rope june 1948 june 1958 june 1960 june 1961 june 1969 june 21 1969 jungle gym junior junior band junior high school junior league juniors k. d. scott kanawha canal kate smith katie b. stewart katie stewart kazim temple kemper kemper street kemper street station ken strong kendall white kentucky kenyon street kidd studio kids kindergarten kinney shoes kiss kitchen kite contest kite day kites kitty tipton kmart knickers knoxville kodak kresge krise krise building kriselea ky kyle mundy kyle tucker l. thomas hall l. thomas hall jr. l.e. litchford lace ladder ladder ropes ladies lady lake lakeside drive lamar lame lion of virginia lamp lan hilton landfill landscape langhorne langhorne austin langhorne road langhorne stokes house larkin family lathe launching laundry laurence spencer law building lawn lawnmower lawrence lloyd elder lawrence spencer lawyer lcs league lee leggett's leggett's department store leon hart lexington lexington apartments lfoa lib wiley libba dudley liberty university librarian libraries library library of congress lieutenant liggates road lights lillian rhodes linden link road linkhorne linkhorne drive linkhorne junior high school linkhorne middle school lions club listening post little fats orchestra lloyd ricketts lloyd v. ricketts lobby locker room locksview road logs lola apperson longwood longwood college lord's prayer lost cause loudon street louisa county louise louise dedman louise sale louisiana louisville lover's leap lovingston road lower basin lower concession stand lt. lt. robert hundley lucille mcwane watson ludwell strader lumber lumber storage lumber yard lunch lunchburg luncheon lyncburg lynch house lynch's ferry lynch's mill lynch's warehouse lynchbug lynchburg lynchburg bar association lynchburg business lynchburg businesses lynchburg chapter american red cross lynchburg circuit court lynchburg city armory lynchburg city school system lynchburg city schools lynchburg city service station lynchburg college lynchburg corporation court lynchburg court lynchburg expressway lynchburg fair association lynchburg female orphan asylum lynchburg fire department lynchburg foundry lynchburg foundry company lynchburg furnace lynchburg general lynchburg general hospital lynchburg hardware manufacturing company lynchburg high lynchburg high school lynchburg home guard lynchburg hosiery mill lynchburg humane society lynchburg jobbing house lynchburg living lynchburg museum lynchburg muskeeters lynchburg musketeer lynchburg musketeers lynchburg national bank lynchburg news lynchburg photographic company lynchburg plow company lynchburg police lynchburg postcard lynchburg public library lynchburg school board lynchburg swimming club lynchburg traction and light company lynchburg va lynchburg virginia lynchburg war recreation center lynchburg woman's club lynchburglexington turnpike m. e. miller house m.r.s. club m.w. thornhill machinery macleod madison madison heights madison street magazine maggie main main entrance main hall main office main street maj. oliver towels jr. major major john stuart walker malcomb male male instructor mallets man maneuvers mansfield avenue manufacture manufacturing map mar 23 1978 mar 24 1951 marble champion marble championship marble tournament marbles marbles champs marbles tournament marce t. jones march march 1961 march 1963 march 1981 march 8 1970 marching margaret garrett margaret mays marie andrews marilyn burnette marine corps uniform marjorie christian marker market marketing marriage married marsh street marshall marshall lodge marshall lodge home retreat hospital marshall wood martha row williams martin luther king jr. mary bethune academy mary jane mary m. brooks maryland mask masonic hall masons mass enlistment maude miller walker maury max max guggenheimer max webber may may 1958 may 26 may 28 may 8th 1966 may day may pole mayflower mayflower drive mayo bass mayor mayor l.e. lichford mayor litchford maypole mbs mccoy mcdaniel mclean house md mead corporation meeting meeting house member members memorial memorial avenue memorial methodist church men men's mess hall metal wagon chassis metal wagon frame methodist methodist church mexican border mexico micajah preston davis michael winder microphone middleton williams chambers midget league mighty mites mike stone miliary military military parade military training military transport military truck mill miller miller center miller claytor house miller home miller home for girls miller orphanage miller park miller park baseball field miller park concession stand miller park elementary school miller park field miller park fire station miller park firestation miller park first aid tent miller park football team miller park fountain miller park library miller park municipal greenhouse miller park office miller park pavilion miller park pool miller park post office miller park school miller park victory garden millerclaytor millerclaytor house milliken millner's mills mills godwin mine run furnace miniature miniature farm wagon minister miracle mart mirror miss dunbar 1964 mississippi cotton plantations mock mock circus model plane model t mohawk ac band monacan park moneta money monroe street monroe trade school monroe virginia monsview street monticello monticello avenue monument monument terrace monument terrace building morrison mosby perrow mose feinman mother moultire mountains movie mr. mr. dick lee mr. elder mr. l. thomas hall jr. mr. malcolm peake mrs. mrs. a. clyde miles mrs. a. j. latham mrs. albert lankford mrs. b. k. merryman mrs. bell mrs. beverly mrs. carrie harper mrs. cary barker mrs. evelyn clements mrs. hopkins mrs. john craddock mrs. joseph gorman mrs. joseph v. gorman mrs. lillie gilbert mrs. lola apperson mrs. madison mrs. mosby perrow mrs. richard gooch mrs. robert taylor mrs. t. s. mrs. vernon giles mrs. w. b. harris mrs. w. m. whitehead mrs. walker pettyjohn mrs. william g. perry mrs. william perry mrs.albert lankford mrs.w. m. whitehead mrs.walker pettyjohn mt. hope furnace mt. olive grand lodge mt. torry furnace mt. zion baptist church mule municipal building municipal greenhouse murray place murrell alexander museum music musketeers mustache mutual broadcasting system n.s. savannah naacp nancy akers nancy jane houston nancy witt nannie langhorne nannie whitmell tunstall nashville tn nathalie national association for the advancement of colored people national geographic national park national register of historic places nationsbank identification tags native american natural bridge naturalist nature naval reserve road naval reserve training center naval uniform navy navy day navy day parade navy uniform nc necklace negative neighborhood neighborhoods nellie johns nelson county net new buffalo baptist church new hampshire avenue new orleans new thornhill wagon new thornhill wagon bed new years new york new york city news and advance news boys outing news daily advance newspaper nexsen nfla pro football hall of fame weekend nicholas family night nineteenth century ninth street ninth street bridge non local non lynchburg nonlynchburg norfolk norfolk and western norfolk and western family group norfolk and western railroad norfolk and western railway station norfolk avenue norfolk western norman cohen norman roberson normandy american cemetery nov. 13 1924 november november 1949 nuclear power number nurse nursery nurses nursing home nursing school nw bridge nw railroad ny oak oakland furnace oakley avenue oakridge boulevard oakwood oakwood country club oakwood place obelisk octagonal october 1957 october 1961 october 1962 october 22 october 22 1966 october 29 1954 october 6 office officer officers ogden family oil painting oil portrait oils old city cemetery old city stables old city stadium old court house old dominion box company old dunbar tennis courts old english cottage old forest road old graves mill road old greenwich old market house old ninth street bridge old stadium older olivia hundley olsen olsen thomas omega phi psi fraternity omega psi phi operator orange orange bridge orange street organ organization organizations orphanage orphans otey thomas others otto graham outdoor recreation outdoors outfield outfield fence outhouse outside overalls owner oxen oxford furnace p. h. phelps packard packet boat packet boat marshall packetboat paducah painting palm palm tree palm trees panorama panoramas panoramic paper paper board paper mill parade parade marshall parades paramount theater parents park park avenue park bench park forestry department parker beasley parking lot parkland parks parks and recreation parks and recreation department parks and recreation department poster parks and recreation. parlor party passenger passenger coach pat pat white path paul munro paul munro elementary pauline lacy pauline meador pavilion payne school peake peakland peakland place peaks of otter peaksview park pearl pearl harbor pearl street pearls pedestrian pedestrians pedlar dam penn clark pennsylvania people people's national bank peoples peoples national bank peoples service drug peoples service drug store peoples service drug stores pepsi cola bottles percival's island performance perrow home perrymont avenue person pete peter gibbs daguerreotyping pettyjohn pew pews pharmacy philadelphia phillip hall phoenix phoenix virginia photogapher photograph photographer physician pianist piano picnic picnic shelter pie eating contest piedmont business college piedmont club piedmont mills pierce street piggly wiggly pillow pin pink cheeks pipe pipe casting pipe yard pipes pit cast pipe pittman plaza pittsburgh steelers plaid jumper plaid suit plane planks plant plants plaque play play center playboy bowling lounge restaurant players playground playground circus playground girls playground group playground handcraft classes playgrounds playing playing field plays plecker plecker studios plume podium poet poindexter point of honor police police captain police department police force police officer police officers police parking lot politics polk street polka dot dress pony pool poplar forest poplar tree porch port isabel portrait portsmouth post card post office postcard postcards poster poster board pot potted powhatan county preacher premiere presbyterian presbyterian cemetery presbyterian church presbyterian orphanage presentation presents president president gerald ford presidential inaugural ball press box presser hall preston glenn preston glenn airport principal private banker prize pro football hall of fame weekend produce production production line programs prom promise land baptist church promotion proof prospect pta public toilet public works publisher pulaski furnace pulpit punch punch bowl puppet show purple purse pyramid quaker quaker meeting house quaker memorial quinlan street r. g. bailey r. haynes r. max barker r. thomas watts jr. r. v. travis r.s. payne rabbit race races racing radford furnace radio radio cab radio station rail car railroad railroad bridge railroad station railroad tracks railroads railway randolph randolph college randolph macon heights randolph macon woman's college randolph macon women's college ranger rattle raylass department store rear rear view rebecca catherine murrell turner rebecca turner rebecca yancey williams reception recreation recreation department red birds baseball team red cross red hill red tint redskins reelection referee reflecting pool religion remodel renovation research reservoir reservoir park residence residential restaurant restoration retreat retreat center reunion reusens rev. ford rev. parrish rev. rice rev. robinson rev. stewart rev. terry rev. william r. frye revelers club dance reverend rhodes ribbon ribbons richard richard apperson richard gooch richard h. poff richard ht adams richard taylor richmond richmond street richmond va rifle rifles rigging ring rio grande river river ridge mall river road rivermont rivermont avenue rivermont baptist church rivermont bridge rivermont champs rivermont green wedding rivermont park rivermont pharmacy rivermont place rivermont playground rivermont terrace riverside riverside park riverview rmwc road roanoke roanoke river roaring run furnace robert c. watts robert c. wesley robert d. morrison robert davis yancey robert e. robert e. lee robert e. lee school robert ivey robert johnson robert morrison robert s. payne elementary robert taylor robert wesley rock tenn paper mill rockbridge county rockingham county rocky mount roof rosa faulkner yancey rosalie burnette roses rothsay rotunda rough ready furnace roundhouse route 460 route 60 rs payne rubber tires rubber wagon tires rubber wagon wheels ruffner ruffner elementary ruffner elementary school ruffner playground ruffner school ruler runner up running rural russell's cafe rustburg ruth hussey ruth jones s. c. hurt s. h. johnson s. kresge s. o. fisher s. o. fisher store s. s. walden s.o. fisher s.o. fisher inc. s.o.fisher s.s. kresge s.s. kresge company store safety patrol saint paul's episcopal church salem street salisbury furnace salvation army sam hughes sammy baugh sampson diuguid samuel and mary jane boyd house samuel b. rucker samuel chapman armstrong samuel haines williams samuel miller samuel nowlin house samuel t. taylor sanctuary sandbox sandusky sandusky drive sandusky house sanitary santa santa claus sash saturday evening post saw horses sawmill saws sbc scene scholarship school school board school building school may day schools scoreboard scott reams scott's mill scott's mill dam scottie's cafe scrapbook scratches screen sears seated seay second street seesaw seminary seminole avenue senator senator a. willis robertson senator john warwick daniel senior league september september 1962 servicemen sesquicentennial sesquicentennial parade settee seventeenth street seventh street sgt.york shaking hands shed sheep sheffield elementary shelve shenandoah county shenandoah furnace sheringham place sherringham sherwood place ship shirley shirley turner shoe shoes shop shore short pants shorts shotgun shovel shoveling shovels shriner shriner's side side view sidewalk sidney shaner sign signs singer sinking creek sinking creek furnace sister sitting six mile bridge sixteenth street sixth judicial circuit sixth street sixth street bridge skirt slate slave slave auction slavery sledding slides smiling smith smith collection smith hall smith memorial building smith street smiths snow snow day snow scenes snowball snowy day snowy grounds snyder and berman snyder and berman inc. soap soap box race soap sculptures soccer sofa softball softball team sol kulman's store soldier soldiers solider somerset somerset drive son sorority south south river south side railroad southeast texas southern railroad southern railway southland 2 plant southland plant spectators speedwell furnace spence spokes sport sporting event sporting goods sports sports illustrated spring spring hill cemetery squad tent square dancing squirrel squirrels sr. st. paul's st. paul's episcopal church stacks stadium stadiums staff stafford stage stained glass staircase stairs stakleen bakery standing star players state championship state superintendent station statue steam stephen hurt steps sticks stokes institute of cosmetology stone stonewall jackson stool storage store storefront storm street street car street festival streetcar streets structure student student parking lot students studio studio portrait stuffed animal stump stunts suit suits summer summer clinic sunday superintendent supplies supreme court of appeals surrender swan sweet briar sweet briar college sweet cake swim class swimmers swimming swimming pool swing swing set swinging sword t. a. jennings house t.k. menefee tabb slaughter diggs house table tables tablet tankersly tanner van ness photographers tanner van ness photography tanner vanness target practice tate springs road taxi taylor taylor street taylorcraft tea tea set teacher teachers team team photo teams ted collins ted hunter telephone television tennis tennis court tennis courts tennis tournament tennis trophy tent tenth street tents terrace terrell texaco texas texas inn texas tavern thaddeus ivey house the columns the dahlia restaurant the daily advance the ellington the idea the james river the listening post the little theater the little theatre the news the news and advance the plaza the vanishing virginian the virginian hotel theater theatre thirteenth thirteenth street thomas thomas boudin thomas jefferson thomas jefferson road thomas lewis jones thomas o. doyle thomas r. glass thomas road baptist church thompson drive thompson family thorhill wagon company thornhill thornhill cart thornhill jr. wagon thornhill wagon thornhill wagon bed thornhill wagon chassis thornhill wagon company thornhill wagon factory thornhill wagons three ticket booth tie timberlake road tintype tipton p. jennings tobacco tobacco row mountain tobacco warehouse toddler tom apperson tom caldwell tom deshazo tom harmon tom mason tom mccraw tom tiller tombstone tombstones top hat tournament tournaments tower toy toys track track and field track clinic track meet tracks tractor trail trailways train train car train station train stations train tracks training training activities trains transit transportation trash travel treasure island tree tree trunk trees trenches trent's ferry trestle triangle pub tricycle trolley trolley car trolley car shelter trolley tracks troop troops trophies trophy truck trucks trunks tug of war tulane craddock tulip festival tulips tunnel tunstall tunstall house turner o' brien tuxedo twelfth twelfth street twentieth century twin beech twins two two horse axle gear tx u. s. army u.s. army unidentified unidentified boy unidentified child unidentified children unidentified gentleman unidentified individual unidentified individuals unidentified man unidentified men unidentified people unidentified residence unidentified woman unidentified young man uniform uniforms union union depot union furnace union station unis jones unitarian unitarian church united states post office university university of virginia unknown function unknown game unknown location unknown person unusual upper basin upstream us army us flag us national register of historic places usps utility crane uva uva football uva sweater uva team doctor uva uniform v.e.s. v.e.s. road bridge va va. valentine valentine's day valley van ness vanishing virginian vanness photography vase vehicle veil ves veteran veterans viaduct vice president vick tucker victoria furnace victory bells villa maria vince bradford vincent squeek burnette vinson vintage cars virgil wood virginia virginia ballard virginia baptist hospital virginia episcopal school virginia ford virginia house of delegates virginia military institute virginia restaurant virginia school of the arts virginia seminary virginia seminary and college virginia state capitol virginia tennessee railroad virginia university at lynchburg virginia university of lynchburg virginia wiley virginia's civil war ordinance of secession virginian hotel virignia visitor's field house vista vivian pinn volleyball volunteer volunteers vul w. b. harris w. c. barker w. c. wheatley w. e. gilliam w. g. morrell w. k. ruffin w. lawson driskill w. m. whitehead w. r. perkins w. t. grant co. w.d. campbell and son w.t. grant wadsworth street wagon wagon bed wagon beds wagon body wagon chassis wagon frame wagon gear wagon hubs wagon parts wagon rigging wagon seat wagon undercarriages wagon wheel hubs wagon wheels wagons walker family walker pettyjohn walking walkway wall wallpaper walls walter vannoy walton furnace war war bonds war memorial stadium wards road warehouse warehouses warwick washboard washing clothes washington washington d.c. washington furnace washington redskins washington street water water department water storage tanks water tank water tower water treatment plant watts family weapons webb whitaker wedding wedding ceremony wedding party weeping willow trees wesleys west end west end plant west end school west princeton circle west virginia westend western hotel westminster presbyterian church westmoreland westmorland county westover westover blvd westover blvd. westover boulevard westover dairy westover hotel weymouth murrell wheel wheels white white dresses white picket fence white rock white rock baptist white rock baptist church white rock easter 1951 white rock elementary white rock hill white rock hill playground white star laundry wife wildest wildlife wildwood nj wiley sisters wiley wilson inc. wilhelmina jordan wayatt william william berry william carrington william daniel william duff william frye william gordon william kofeldt william martin william marvin bass william mundy william norvelle william roane house william royal house william thomas william's viaduct williams williams h. williams viaduct willie hughes willsdavisglass house windmill window window display winner winners winter wise wise street wisteria withers wlva wlva microphone wlva radio hour woman women wood wood paneling wooden wagon beds wooden wagon chassis wooden wagon frame woodland woodland avenue woodridge woodruff wedding woods woody edmondson wooldridge worker worker's review workers workers review world war i world war i monument world war ii wreath wrecking ball writer ww i wwi wwii wwii lynchburg victory ship wythe road yancey family yard yeardley yeardley avenue ymca ymca clubhouse ymca health club ymca island ymca playground yoder school young young boy young couple young girl young girls young ladies young lady young man young men young women yvonne ferguson ywca zoo
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